'Spiegel' ring

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Camera lens, mirror coated, blackened silver.

1.5 x 0.3cm, size N (US 6.75 / 53.8 inside measurement). This can be resized, please contact the gallery. 

Jiro Kamata makes technically exacting jewellery that revels in colour and a sense of play.  He works with a restricted palette of materials, employing each with a keen sense of precision and the focused eye of a master silversmith. He has for many years employed lenses of various sorts in his work, their ability to reflect and distort light becoming a fundamental aspect of his exploration. Early works used sunglasses lenses atop rings and within pendants, surprising viewers with such an ordinary material so unusually reinvented. Momentopia, a body of work begun in 2008, utilised repurposed camera lenses and was a crucial turning point. The use of camera lenses has become synonymous with Kamata's work.