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Lisa Walker’s audaciously imagined works don’t sit comfortably within the contours of conventional jewellery. Co-opting increasingly unlikely materials - animal skins, children’s toys, even kitchen utensils - she confounds expectations, redrawing the margins in strange and delightful ways. An acute sense of colour and composition, alongside a healthy sense of irony, have made Walker one of New Zealand’s most influential art jewellers.
What some excellent people have said about this book:

- Francis Upritchard: Instant classic

- Someone nice on twitter: Her new limited edition publication is a literal work of art and can even be worn as a piece of jewellery!

- Dent-De-Leone: Our only regret about this book is that we only made 888 of it. We love Lisa, she makes the best jewellery in the world -it is that simple- we share that with you.
With texts by André Gali, Charlotte York, Felicity Milburn. Language: English.
Softcover (waterdrop soft plastic), 766 pages, full colour, 15 x 11 x 2.5cm, with attached string so the book can be worn as a pendant. Published in a first edition of 888 copies by Dent De Leone, UK, 2017.