'Parallel' necklace

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A significant early work originally made in 1995, now reproduced as an edition of 10.

Flameworked borosilicate glass, titanium.

29cm diameter x 2cm high, hangs to 38cm.

"With its neatly expressed partnership between glass rods and square stainless steel plates, its speaks to the interdependence of those crucial materials in modern architecture. Neither is privileged. As Tilden notes: 'the glass parts I made for this necklace are not beads, they aren't threaded on a string - I connect them seamlessly with the metal parts by creating a rivet at the two ends of each U-shaped glass component.'" Julie Ewington

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Blanche Tilden has developed a unique approach to her materials, in particular glass, which she explores both as a material for jewellery making and a universal metaphor. Her fascination with mechanical devices, fueled by a desire to understand how things work, continually inspires her work. She lives and works in Melbourne.