'Through the lens' pendant

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Beautifully simple, this pendant is a souvenir of the centrepiece installation of Blanche's survey exhibition. 'Ripple Effect', after which the show is named, is a series of 7 necklaces in increasing length and size, forming concentric circles in the centre of the gallery space.

"Overlooked, forgotten salvaged, and given a second life as a raw material for jewellery, my transformation of obsolete lenses (from spectacles and cameras) finds meaning in what is already here, hiding in plain sight. The glass lens, as both a material for jewellery and a metaphor, enables close investigation and careful looking. There is always so much more to life than first meets the eye." Blanche Tilden

Edition of 10, stamped by the artist. Salvaged glass lens, blackened silver.

Also available in 9k gold, price on request.

Variations in length can be made by order. Please let us know if you need a specific length.

Blanche Tilden has developed a unique approach to her materials, in particular glass, which she explores both as a material for jewellery making and a universal metaphor. Her fascination with mechanical devices, fueled by a desire to understand how things work, continually inspires her work. She lives and works in Melbourne.